Silica Nanoparticles

Monodisperse Silica Particles - Uniform Spherical Nanospheres and Microspheres with a Narrow Particle Size Distribution.

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Nanoparticles - Monodisperse Silica Particles (Microspheres & Nanospheres) Synthetic Opals - Black Opal, White Opal, Crystal Opal & Fire Opal Coarse and Fine Crystalline Opals with a Non-Directional Play-of-Color

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Monodisperse Silica Particles in a wide size range

Spherical Silica Nanoparticles and Synthetic Opals.
SEM - Monodisperse Silica Particles

Physical and Chemical Properties

Shape: Spherical

Monodispersity: CV<2%

Density: 1.8 - 2 g/cm3

Refractive Index n: 1.467

Porosity: Non-Porous

Temperature resistant up to 1000°C

Good mechanical stability

Stable in organic solvents

Soluble in strong bases and in hydrofluoric acid

Available Particle Sizes: 200 nm - 2000 nm

Form of Delivery: Dry Powder